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There's one up on Church Street, just around the corner of Queen St. The deal was welcome news for the Hermuda Towne, which for years has been penalized by the trend for ever-larger cruise ships. British convicts were sent to build the Dockyard for Britain's Royal Navy in the early to mid s.

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The Truth About King's Wharf, Bermuda Update December A legislation has been passed in the island that lets the cruise ships docked in Bermuda to keep the on-board casinos open for the. Cruise ship at Bermuda's main cruise port, King's Wharf, Dockyard. .. Presently, there are no gambling casinos in Bermuda but there will be from late or. Bermuda's Parliament has given the green light to cruise ships keeping their casinos open while overnighting in port on the island. Members of Parliament in Bermuda approved the Cruise Ship (Casino) Act , reports the Royal Gazette newspaper. Under the act, ships would be able.

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